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Appointment information

Scheduling Appointments Clinic hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. 
To make an appointment call (832)932-9300 
To save time and make the most of your visit, please download and fill out the following forms and bring them to your appointment.

Important note about your initial evaluation

Our Physician Assistant (PA) has advanced training and extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical and spinal disorders. He work closely with our physician, both in the office and in the operating room. He often provides the initial evaluation and orders the appropriate diagnostic tests for patients, enabling us to expedite your care. Our PA also spend extra time with patients, providing education and follow-up care. He is qualified to perform office procedures and renew medications under the supervision of our doctor.

Controlled Substance Agreement

All patients undergoing procedures are required to complete and sign a controlled substance agreement as well as a Urine drug screen policy agreement. Should the need arise to prescribe certain restricted medications, this agreement will be on file in your record.


Post-Operative Instructions - Spine

The following is a list of instructions for your convalescence, following your spine surgery.
This includes cervical discectomies and fusions (ACDF) , lumbar microdiscectomies, lumbar laminectomies, and lumbar spinal fusions.

These represent general instructions to be used as guidelines. They may be modified for an individual patient.

Patient Resources //

Patient Information //

When scheduling appointments, please inform us of:


  • Your health problem, this allows us to separate enough time to address your needs.

  • Are you a first time patient, or have you seen any of our doctors before? 

  • Proper referral from your primary care physician if your insurance plan requires one. Patients are required to obtain a valid referral from their Primary Care Physician prior to being seen.


Cancellations or Rescheduling Appointments

Please notify us immediately if you must cancel your appointment. Occasionally, we are 
on-call for emergencies at the hospital and it is necessary for us to reschedule
appointments with short notice. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this may cause

What to Bring with You

If this this your first visit, please come prepared to complete our Patient Registration Form. We can email or fax you this form so that you have it completed before your first visit. 
In addition, we request that you bring the following items with you: 

  • All insurance information and cards 

  • Completed patient registration forms we sent you prior to your visit 

  • All related MRI and CT scans on CD roms, x-rays, films, and medical reports

  • Written list of food or drug allergies and all current medications and dosages

  • A written list of questions you have for our physicians if so desired

  • Please have with you names, addresses, and phone numbers of all physicians.



Patients are required to obtain a valid referral from their Primary Care Physician prior to  being seen. If we have not received a referral, you will responsible for full payment, or you may reschedule when a referral is obtained. If you have questions, call your insurer or your primary care physician. If a "no referral" denial is received from your insurer,
you are responsible for payment in full. Contact your insurer or primary care physician if you have questions concerning referrals and related payment obligations.

Medical Records

Release of medical record copies requires the written consent of the patient and will take 7 to 10 working days. The cost of copying and forwarding records is dependent upon the quantity of documentation to be copied. Inpatient records are kept in the hospital's medical record department.

Telephone Calls

We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about medical problems. Our staff is prepared to answer your questions and can obtain information directly from your physician.
Our answering service will forward your message to our staff if the call is after hours. Billing calls or requests for prescription refills cannot be addressed by our on-call physician, however your medical related calls will be returned at the earliest opportunity.


All new prescriptions and refills should be requested during normal practice hours. Requests for prescription refills cannot be addressed on weekends or holidays. All prescription requests will be addressed within 24 hours. Please plan ahead and order prescriptions before you run out.

Billing, Fees and Payment


Professional charges are made for treatment and are the responsibility of the patient when not covered by insurance. Inability to pay will not interrupt treatment, but our Billing Office requests the opportunity to discuss the anticipated charges, eligibility for discounts, and payment options with you in advance. Charges are based on the time you spend with the physician, the time it takes to research your problem, interpret testing or x-rays, and plan treatment. For your convenience, balances can be paid by cash or check. 

Please ask if you have questions about fees, our financial policy, or your responsibilities.

Insured Patients

Please be prepared to pay for items that are your responsibility at the time of your clinic visit.
If you are insured, your financial responsibility includes co-pay due at the time of service, co-insurance, deductible, and balances not paid by your insurer. You will not be billed for your coinsurance or deductible amount until your insurer has responded to your claim. However, you will be mailed a statement of fees for your records identifying both your obligation and your insurance company's obligation.

Health plans //

We accept some PPO insurances, POS option plans, Personal injury patients and patients who would like to cover the cost of their care on their own.

You may request to make an appointment by filling out and submitting all the required information on the form above and we will do our best to honor your request in a timely fashion.

*Please Note:  In order to schedule an actual appointment, you will need to confirm with our office by phone or email as we do not schedule appointments via our website or the general inquiry form above.

**If you need immediate assistance please call our main office or if you have an emergency please call 911

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